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Srain Removal

Rust stains – Florida groundwater can be complex and contain high amounts of iron. This iron can leave ugly orange rust-looking stains. Not only can the groundwater do this, but also patio furniture, various natural rocks and stones, and fertilizers we use on plants and lawns. This can cause unsightly stains, but suitable cleaning compounds and proper equipment can remove these easily.


Grease & Oil – We can remove 50-70% of grease and oil stains up to 100% but not promised. The longer the product has been on the stone, the harder it will be to remove because it is an absorbent material. Because of this, it requires specialized degreasers and chemicals and a slightly different approach.


Mold, Algae, Mildew, Moss, Lichens – These biological microorganisms can be a nuisance on nearly every outside surface. With our knowledge of how to clean these stubborn little buggers


Paint – Elite professional pressure washers can remove paint from surfaces like wood and metal.


Dirt, Grass stains, Chalk – some of these can be tough stains that the garden hose alone will not clean. These are different from professionals like us. Give us a call today and see for yourself.

Key Points (UPDATE!)

  • We can remove Hard Water stains.
  • We can remove Rust stains
  • We can remove mold mildew and moss stains.
  • We can remove many more stains give us a call today.
Absolutely amazing work! Had stains on white fence from hard water. They were exceptionally professional, fast, and the price was amazing! Would highly recommend Steven and the rest of the crew!
Troy Martin

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